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  • Call Recording

  • Assignments

    • Complete: What, Why, Anchor, and Sabotage worksheet

  • Self-sabotage (Malas) video with my mentor, Cate Stillman (watch after completing the What, Why, & Anchor worksheet) 

    • Add your WWAS info to our shared Group Document

    • (optional) Read p. 4-35  in Body Thrive

Habit 1: Earlier Light Dinner

How to boost energy, clear your mind and get a good night's sleep

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  • Call Recording

  • Assignments:​

    • Intermittent fasting

    • Late night eating and melatonin video

    • Intermittent fasting TED talk

    • Optional) Body Thrive p .40-59

Habit 2: Early to bed

Give your body and mind the opportunity to heal, repair and restore.

  • Video 1

  • Video 2

  • Call Recording

  • Assignments​

    • Nothing Good Happens after 10pm article 

    • Less Sleep, more weight article 

    • How much sleep do I need? Yoga Healer podcast

    • (optional ) Early to Bed chapter in Body Thrive

Habit 3: Start the Day Right

Align with the beginning of the day

  • Video

  • Call Recording

  • ​Additional Resources:

    • Benefits of Extreme Early Rising

    • Starting the Day Right is for the Birds

    • The Perfect Poop from Lifespa

    • How Ayurveda turned me into a morning person

    • (optional) Read Start the Day right chapter in Body Thrive

Habit 4: Breath Body Practices

Activate your life energy and metabolism

  • Video

  • Call Recording

  • Assignments​​

    • Join Hannah for yoga each day this week (Monday-Friday)

      • Monday

      • Tuesday

      • Wednesday

      • Thursday

      • Friday

  • Additional Resources

    • Getting off the couch to nowhere

    • The day the size of my butt didn't matter

    • How to become an Early Morning exerciser

    • Sun Salutations Cheat Sheet

    • (optional) Body Thrive chapter on Breath Body Practices

Habit 5: Plant-Based Diet

You are, actually, what you eat...

  • Video

  • Call Recording

  • Assignments:​​

    • How to Soup

    • Eat Plants

    • Plant-based shopping list

    • print out: Best plants per dosha

    • (optional) Body Thrive chapter on PBD

Habit 6: Self-Massage (and Relationships)

Deeply care for yourself and your relationships with others

  • Video

  • Call Recording

  • Assignments​

    • Balance Vata with Healthy Fats

    • Abyanga

    • Cultivate Self-Love

    • (optional) Body Thrive chapter on Self Massage

      • BONUS HABIT: Relationships

      • Relationships Video​

      • 7 Ways family meetings harmonize our lives

Habit 7: Sitting in Silence

Pause, receive, and digest your experiences

  • Video

  • Call Recording

  • Assignments​

    • Meditation with Cathy Woods

    • Experience your doshas meditation

    • 4 steps of mindfulness practice

    • Kaizen approach to meditation

    • (optional) read Body Thrive chapter on Sitting in Silence

Habit 8: Healthier Eating Guidelines

Deeply nourish through deepening your knowledge and awareness

  • Video

  • Call Recording

  • Assignments​

    • How the gut controls the brain

    • How to eat to optimize health and digestion

    • Ayurveda food guidelines

    • The 6 tastes

    • (optional) Body Thrive p. 199-218

Habit 9: Come to your Senses

Deepen your commitment to remove ama with sense organ self-care

  • Video

  • Call Recording

  • Assignments​​​

    • Everything you need to know about Oil pulling with Dr. Fife

    • 9 eye exercises 

    • Nasya Video from Banyan

    • Tongue Scraping from Banyan

  • (optional) Body Thrive p. 220-234

Habit 10: Easeful Living

Choose to orient your life toward expansion, love and thrive

  • Video

  • Call Recording

  • Assignments:

    • Cracking the Anxiety Code from Women Gone Vibrant

    • Forest Bathing as therapy

    • Spending vs Investing

    • 5 common mental errors that sway us from making good decisions

    • Optional: Body Thrive p. 236-249

Closing Circle

Reflect on your progress

  • Video

  • Call Recording

  • *Special Assignment for Members of the Winter 2018 Circle:
    As a sort of graduation celebration, each of you will be given time (up to 10 minutes) to share about your journey on the call on Friday. Use this time however you would like (read a reflection- perhaps the letter you will write below, share a song that inspires you. read a poem that you love, lead us in an activity or creative experience). It's your time. We honor you and your evolution over the past year.


  • Assignments for Everyone:

    • End of Season SURVEY

    • Revisit the WWAS  and reconnect with your goals and inspiration

    • WEEKLY HABIT CHECKLIST- start completing on Sunday November 24, and continue using it if you find it helpful. Use this as a reflective tool to get prepared for what you want to focus on in the Winter Circle. 

    • (optional) Body Thrive p. 254-270 (There is no Endgame, Kitchen Sadhana)

    • Complete the letter to your future self (have it sent back to you on March 1, 2020)

      • ​Write about:​

        • Breakthroughs: What breakthroughs (even small ones) have you had with the Body Thrive Habits?

        • Challenges: What habit challenges are grappling with now?

        • Curiosities: What habits does your future self have? What does that feel like? How are you better off?

        • Aspirations: What do you hope to achieve in the next season (quarter year) with your body habits or body integrity?

        • Trajectory: What 3 habits or micro-habits are the best levers for you to meet your challenges and rise to your aspirations?

    • Additional resources:

      • Self-limiting behavior by dosha on Yoga healer podcast​

      • Habit Evolution with James Clear on CBS


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