One habit to Thrive ~ Winter Challenge
January 25-29, 2021, 7-7:45pm EST

Through embracing the One Habit to Thrive, you will learn:

  1. How to lose weight without dieting.

  2. How to fall asleep easier and stay asleep all night.

  3. How to relieve digestive issues like gas, bloating, acid reflux, etc naturally.

  4. How to have more energy and wake up each day feeling energized and younger.

  5. How to become a model of health for those around you.

  6. How to calm your nervous system and release stress. 

Each day of the FREE Challenge will guide you deeper into your own innate healing power and your ability to THRIVE!!

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Monday, Jan 25: The One Habit to Thrive


Tuesday, Jan 26: Create Abundant Energy and Clarity


Wednesday, Jan 27: Create Expansive Time


Thursday, Jan 28: Create Thriving Relationships


Friday, Jan 29: Create an Unstoppable Mindset

"Learning from Hannah is great! She makes it so simple because she teaches what she embodies, so not only is it great information, she is inspiring us to actually do the practices!" - Tracey T.

Hannah Levin is an Ayurveda Health Counselor, Yoga teacher, and Yoga Health Coach who delights in guiding women out of self-care neglect to live their best lives and age gracefully.


Her clients report lasting weight loss, regaining the ability to sleep well, clearing digestive issues, reversing autoimmune diseases, and feeling 10-20 years younger after implementing Ayurvedic practices.


Hannah hosts the popular Yoga and More group on Facebook, where she offers daily yoga and special Ayurveda teaching events, and also leads the Vitality Circle, her signature, in-depth, year-long Ayurveda program for women. 

"I know good fuel is so important for our body but did not realize 'when' we consume it matters also! Have definitely seen the positive effects of Earlier Lighter Dinner on my sleep patterns. I have thoroughly enjoyed every presentation and look forward to more education! " - Judi M.

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Claudia G.

I woke up this morning with an energy that I haven't experienced in a long time.  I have held onto this inner energy and will continue this diet and lifestyle. It feeds me in so many ways. Thank you for your guidance and support through this time.

Ellice C-T

I did this challenge hoping to lose weight and to avoid a pending gall bladder removal. This has been my last ditch effort to keep it! And I can sleep pain free again! I’ve lost 5 pounds and I think continuing on this path will keep me off the operating table! Thank you Hannah for sharing your wisdom in such an attainable way! 

Christie R.

I am celebrating knowing my needs better, learning some methods of self care, and losing 7.5 lbs!!