Anxious: Let's Breathe

You have the power to change the chemistry in your body and the state of your mind with one simple tool: Your breath. 

I have been hearing from many folks recently that they are in need of easy remedies for fear and anxiety. Yogic breathing offers such medicine. Here are three videos of different breaths to be used for various states of mind. 

Alternate Nostril Breathing(Nadi Shodhana) with a 1:2 ratio. Use this breathing technique if you feel foggy, unbalanced, or feel overly wound-up. 

Bumble Bee Breath(Brahmari). Practice this when you feel anxious or fearful. 

Breath of Joy. This breath is helpful when you feel depressed, lethargic, or overwhelmed. 

Give at least one of these a try and let me know how you feel. May this time help you tend to yourself in new ways. 


With love and light,

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