Beginning the Decade

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2020 has begun. It's a new year, a new decade; an invitation to a new way of being in your life.

With challenging news stories, environmental crisis, and frustrating politics looming, how are we to make sense of the world and our place in it?

The way I see it, we have a responsibility to the greater whole. If the world is to change for the better, we have got to stop waiting for others to fix it, and us. It is simply time to be the best version of ourselves. 

As Ghandi famously said, "We must be the change we wish to see."

While technology drives us to new advances and less personal connection, and the earth cries for us to pay attention, will you choose to just be swept along by the mainstream current, or will you turn upstream and ask deeper questions about how living simply each day? With focused awareness, self-care, and minimalism can we create change on a larger scale?

Have you heard the safety announcement before your airplane takes off, "If the cabin looses pressure you must put your on your own oxygen mask first"? I believe this to be true. Right now, our world is loosing its cabin pressure and we must take this advice to heart. I see how this has played out for me and every single one of my clients. Until we are willing to find more integrity in ourselves, the relationships we participate in, and the work we do in the world, we can only go so far.

In my life, I was less effective when I lived with chronic health issues (anxiety/depression, allergies, chronic constipation, and inflammation) because I didn't feel like I could count on feeling well/stable enough to fully execute the life I desired.

Once I started practicing Ayurveda (and cleared the imbalances listed above), I was able to catapult into a life of my dreams, both personally and professionally. I love guiding others to do the same, in their own unique ways, through learning Ayurveda and mindset practices in my signature program, the Vitality Circle. I frequently hear from Vitality Circle members about how their lives are transformed by the empowerment they gain from the program. They make better financial decisions, feel more confident and strong in their bodies and minds, and are able to benefit their families and communities like never before. 

As you embark on the beginning of 2020, I encourage you to have a plan for putting on your own oxygen mask first. Whether that is signing up for the Spring Vitality Circle or finding another path, the world needs you to embrace your full potential and be your best self. You have so much to offer when you possess empowered physical and mental health. We can do this together!

You are the artist creating your life. I wish you HeARTfelt Wellbeing! To an empowered 2020!

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