Curious About Sustainability?

If sustainability isn't on your mind these days, I encourage you to start thinking about it!

This global pandemic, and subsequent shift in perspective, calls on us to be more mindful about our consumption so that humanity and our earth can find greater equilibrium. 

I recently had the honor of talking with my dear friend, Aino Riiho, of Friendsday. Originally from Finland and now living in the US, she is a sustainable fashion designer/maker. We talked about sustainability from both of our perspectives; health and fashion. I hope you will check out our exchange in the video above. 

Do you feel the need to create a more sustainable life? I am currently enrolling women into my signature program, the Vitality Circle! Is this your time to  make the long-needed shifts toward living well and loving yourself?

For less than a couple lattes at Starbucks each day, you can have the support, guidance, and community you deserve to evolve. Let's chat!

Sign up for a Clarity Call today to embark on this year-long, life-changing journey. 

The world needs you to be the strongest, happiest, healthiest and most sustainable version of you!

Cheers to your health and wellbeing in this time of change and evolution! I am here to support you.

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