Detoxing - its time for a reset

Summer's coming to an end quickly in Southwestern Virginia. Cool nights and mornings have me reaching for hot tea and sweaters.

What's happening with the seasons where you are? It can be a bit of a roller coaster, back and forth between Summer and Autumn.

We, in the Northern Hemisphere, are moving from Pitta Season (fire and water elements) into Vata Season (air and ether elements).

The shift between seasons can be very challenging for our immunity, energy, and sanity. If we aren't tending to our Agni (digestive fire), we set ourselves up for less than ideal health in the season ahead. This is especially critical to address now, amidst our global pandemic.

If you are feeling frustrated with digestive issues, disrupted sleep, summer weight gain, or decreased immunity perhaps a personal reset is in order. 

I have just the remedy for you: The Heartfelt Wellbeing Autumn Detox. It’s 3 weeks, online, and can be done from anywhere. I am here to guide you every step of the way through this personalized process, while being part of a supportive group. 

Common signs that you are ready for this detox:

- feeling sluggish and tired (reaching for caffeine or sugar more frequently)

- experiencing bloating and gas

- reflux or sour stomach

- incomplete bowel movements, constipation, or loose stools

- restless sleep, inability to stay asleep, or waking up tired

- persistent, bad taste in your mouth

- recent weight gain

- feeling like your immunity isn't what it could/should be

- wanting to change something to feel better, but don't know where to start

I know you are you ready to feel energized, lighter, and more focused! Let's do this!

There is so much uncertainty in our current reality. We may not be able to reset the world, but at least we can reset ourselves. Doing so helps the greater whole; the more of us that are happy and healthy, the more positivity we create. 

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