Detoxing: One Key to Immunity

With the volatility of current politics, the looming Coronavirus, and a subsequent economic downturn, our immunity is being called on like never before. Why? Because even if you haven't been exposed to COVID-19, immunity is compromised when stress rises. Not only are our immune systems potentially having to fight off viruses, they are also striving to function in a turbulent sea of stress hormones. 

In stressful times, we need to attend to self-care more than ever so as not to suffer long term affects. Stress is the leading health issue (immune compromiser) in our culture and it is only vaguely being addressed. Our medical system can work wonders, but banking on it saving you when you have neglected to take care of yourself in the first place, is setting yourself up for disaster. Especially in a time when our medical system is overwhelmed by a national pandemic.

Time to attend to yourself! I have just the opportunity for you to boost your immunity through diet, sleep and stress reduction!

Ayurveda offers many brilliant tools to support our immunity and offset the affects of stress and disease. One of the best tools is Seasonal Detoxing (Spring and Fall) which allows for complete inner support for immunity and recalibration from the affects of stress. 

I am offering a 3-week, online Spring Detox March 22 - April 13. The program is open to both men and women, living anywhere. We meet as a group via Zoom twice a week, have a private Facebook group, you receive a 20 page Detox Guide, and a 25 page Recipe Book. Using your personal Ayurvedic constitution, and guidance from me, you will design your own detox to be the most supportive experience at this point in your life. 

The word "Detox" may bring up fears of being hungry, having to be uncomfortable, or being deprived. I am here to reassure you that this Spring Detox is much more about deep nourishment than it is about deprivation. 

Simplifying your life for the 3 weeks of the Detox will do wonders toward clarity and ease, health and longevity. This doesn't mean you have to stop working, or can't participate in daily activities. It also doesn't entail taking strange powders or questionable herbs. It DOES mean using food as medicine and getting enough rest so your immune system can function well. It also means getting more intentional about how you focus your time and energy while receiving support to focus on your self-care. 

Wouldn't you love to have support, camaraderie  and accountability to help you stick to the changes you seek?

From my personal experience, detoxing with a group every Spring and Fall has allowed a clarity in my life; an ease with which I can move through each season with abundant health and energy. There has never been a more important time to prioritize self-care. This cannot wait! Your immunity needs all the support it can get NOW!

Register before your attention gets pulled away to something else and you consider for a moment that this isn't important.

I look forward to supporting your immunity and wellbeing with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in our uncertain and challenging times. 

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