Food Wisdom for Spring

Spring (Kapha Season) is made up of Earth and Water. We balance the heavy and wet qualities with lightening up and drying out with our food and activities. Here are some guidelines to help you navigate Spring to stay happy and healthy.

  • If your digestive fire (Agni) is low, eat fresh ginger with, or before each meal.

  • Ginger-Lime Pickle  1/2 inch fresh ginger, thinly sliced  Add: juice of 1/2 fresh lime 2 pinches of rock, himalayan, or sea salt  Put all into a small container and eat a piece 10 minutes before each meal to kindle digestive fire and build appetite. 

  • Eat warming, spicy, light and brothy foods.

  • These foods counteract the heavy, dense, dull qualities of Kapha

  • Add fresh spring green onions or cilantro to your foods.

  • These grow fresh in the Springtime and are wonderful first steps into adding a little raw, cleansing flavor to your plate and palate. 

  • Add a little fermented food to your meals.

  • Foods like Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Gut shots are beneficial in building a healthy gut biome to assist Agni (digestive fire)

  • Focus on bitter, pungent (spicy), and astringent tastes.

  • Spring greens like arugula and dandelion contain the bitter taste. Adding warming spices like cinnamon, cumin, chili, etc... to food make them more spicy, and leafy greens and beans are astringent. These three tastes help clear the lymph and liver from congestion acquired over the winter. 

  • Drink Ginger and/or CCF tea (add cinnamon, cardamom, or cloves too).

  • CCF Tea (Cumin, Coriander, and Fennel) 1 tsp each Cumin, Coriander, and Fennel seeds Boil in 4 cups of water for 10-20 minutes.  Strain and sip throughout the day.  Additions: Cardamom pods, fresh ginger, or mint, depending on your doshic needs. Great for cleansing and a gentle detox

  • Avoid: Cold food or iced drinks. 

  • Anything cold kills your digestive fire (Agni), compromises your digestive ability, and decreases nutrient absorption. Spring is a time to rebuild digestive strength, so putting cold things in the system is counter-productive.

  • Avoid Alcohol

  • Alcohol is very taxing to the liver. At a time of year when you want to be focused on liver cleansing, putting alcohol in your body is going to thwart your efforts.

  • Reduce or Eliminate: Sugars, baked goods, dairy, heavy meats, and oily foods

  • These are all foods that increase Kapha and tend to create more congestion, mucous, weight gain, lethargy and brain fog. When the environmental elements are already creating such conditions, I recommend not adding insult to injury be eating lots of these foods. 

  • Cook your own food, from raw/fresh ingredients.

  • This may go without saying, but if you are wanting to clear the channels of your being (physical, mental and spiritual) you want to eat clean! Cook your own food to truly nourish and nurture yourself. 

This list might feel like a lot to implement, AND you don't need to do it all. What have I mentioned here that appeals to you, feels do-able, and makes you curious? Try integrating 1-3 of these suggestions into your life now. Add more as you feel ready. Let me know how it goes!

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