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Many of us have a meandering path to find our passions, purposes, and callings. The podcast "What the Bleep are you Doing with Your Life" examines this aspect of life by encouraging many people to tell their stories. Here is mine:

One of my personal takeaways from the interview was how so many experiences in my life cultivated skills that I now use every day. It also helped me reflect on how my life was before I found Ayurveda for my own healing, and ultimately how super-duper stoked I am to now be leading the Vitality Circle. I get to witness other people's evolution into being the happiest healthiest version of themselves!

Because I know how successful and profound this program is AND how easily you can make a million excuses about energy, money, or it simply just not being the right time, I want to help make this easy for you to decide. Are you ready to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself? I want to welcome you into the Vitality Circle. Grab you space now! This evolutionary group of women is turning back the hands of time and co-creating an amazing community of healing and abundance . 

I am cheering you on in your pursuit of health and happiness!

With love and light,


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