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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

COVID-19 is severely affecting those who have compromised immunity. Honest truth:  The majority of dysfunctional immune system cases are thanks to lifestyle choices and self-care neglect, not age or extreme illness. NOW is the time to take stock of your health and make needed changes. By having a strong immune system, you become part of the solution instead of the problem since COVID-19 only mildly affects strong and healthy individuals. If less people get sick because they are actually in exceptional health, we flatten the curve indefinitely. This is important because viruses will continue to come and go, mutate and change. Our only true insurance for health is to BE HEALTHIER!  Today is the second of 3 newsletters where I will be sharing Immunity Wisdom from Ayurveda (see the first installment HERE). I hope you will take these to heart and apply this accessible knowledge in your own life. Immunity Wisdom Tip #2: SLEEP IS WHEN YOUR BODY CLEANS HOUSE AND REGAINS IMMUNE FUNCTION

  • Be asleep by 10pm- Various times of the day are governed by different elemental energies. Ever noticed yourself getting a little tired between 6-10pm? That time is primarily influenced by Earth and Water, making it the perfect time to sink into a relaxed state and wind-down. If you stay up past 10pm, the element of Fire kicks on - you get a second wind, get hungry again, and start projects. This is the time, when, if you were asleep, your body would be using that internal fire to burn out toxins and take out the trash from each cell. If you are still awake after 10pm, you are stealing energy from tomorrow, not to mention decreasing your immunity and over the long-term, setting yourself up for chronic disease. 

  • Screens off by 8pm- The brain is stimulated by blue light -it awakens you and throws off your circadian rhythm at night. If you don't get a break from screens before going to sleep, you may struggle to fall asleep, your sleep will be lighter, and your sleep is more likely to be interrupted (anyone waking up between 2-6am?). Give your eyes and brain a rest from screens after 8pm to support your sleep. 

  • This new reality means you need more sleep. Any time we go through big changes, we need more rest to adjust to this new reality. Getting less that 6 hours of sleep is categorized as sleep deprived which leads to poor decision making and greater emotional stress. I suggest you strive for 8-9 hours of sleep per night, which means going to bed much earlier for most people. (Read: Why am I so tired?)

  • Wake up before the sun for mental clarity and ease of energy. Allowing your energy to build with the solar energy is a true game changer for physical, mental, and emotional health. Sleeping in means you will be less energetic, less clear headed, and often start the day feeling behind. Wake before the sun and notice less stress in your daily life, supporting your immunity. 

Because I feel the urgent need to help others to truly up-level their immunity, perspective, and capabilities during this great time of change, you can now join the Vitality Circle at any time. Sign up for a Clarity Call today to embark on this year-long, life-changing journey.  The world needs you to be the strongest version of you! Cheers to your health and wellbeing in this time of change and evolution! I am here to support you.

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