Immunity NOW: Stagnation is the Enemy of Immunity

COVID-19 is severely affecting those who have compromised immunity. Honest truth:  The majority of dysfunctional immune system cases are thanks to lifestyle choices and self-care neglect, not age or extreme illness. NOW is the time to take stock of your health and make needed changes. By having a strong immune system, you become part of the solution instead of the problem since COVID-19 only mildly affects strong and healthy individuals. If less people get sick because they are actually in exceptional health, we flatten the curve indefinitely. This is important because viruses will continue to come and go, mutate and change. Our only true insurance for health is to BE HEALTHIER!  Today is the final installment of 3 newsletters where I have been sharing Immunity Wisdom from Ayurveda (see the First: Gut Health and Second: Sleep installments for more supportive knowledge). I hope you will take these tips I share to heart and apply this accessible knowledge in your own life. Immunity Wisdom Tip #3: STAGNATION IS THE ENEMY OF IMMUNITY

  • Drink up to 32oz of warm water first thing in the morning. We all wake up dehydrated and need some support to clear the channels of the body. Warm water does it best. Add a little lemon juice if you like. Start with a cup or two and work your way up to 4 cups if you still need more. Drink it in a short amount of time (don't sip over a long period, consume it as quickly as you can tolerate).

  • Goal: Hydrate to Eliminate - ideally drinking this warm water is followed by a morning bowel movement. You can take out the trash from yesterday, going into today light, clear, and energized. If we carry yesterday's trash into today, we create a toxic build-up in the body (Ama) and weaken immunity. It might take a week or two to get your body to respond to this new level of early hydration, but stick with it. 

  • Move the body before breakfast (ie. Exercise!). Waking up the body and breath are key to supporting immune function. Enlivening the cellular intelligence by building heat through exercise is truly medicine. Dance, do yoga, run, etc. before you eat anything in order to ignite your metabolism for the day. Only exert yourself to the point where you are warm and can still breathe through your nose. This engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which is most beneficial for your overall health.  

  • Use the breath to move energy and calm the nervous system. In moments where you create stagnation in your body from tension and holding, the breath can be very helpful to re-open the energy flow. Two of my favorite breathing practices are Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana) which helps to create balance and Bumble Bee Breath (Brahmari) which calms the nervous system. I suggest you do either or both of these practices in the morning and the evening, and use them at times when you need a break throughout the day. 

  • Give yourself a massage! Self-massage moves lymph and soothes nervous system. Depending on your constitution and needs, you may choose to dry brush (if you feel more lethargic and stagnant) or massage your body with oil (if you feel more anxious and tense). Regardless, touch is healing and self-massage aids detoxing through the skin, and nourishes the surface microbiome. Both of increase immunity. I suggest doing self massage before or after bathing, in the morning before getting dressed, or before bed. 

Because I feel the urgent need to help others to truly up-level their immunity, perspective, and capabilities during this great time of change, you can now join the Vitality Circle at any time. Sign up for a Clarity Call today to embark on this year-long, life-changing journey.  The world needs you to be the strongest version of you! Cheers to your health and wellbeing in this time of change and evolution! I am here to support you.

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