Springtime Herbal Wisdom

Spring (Kapha Season) is made up of Earth and Water. We balance the heavy and wet qualities with lightening up and drying out with our food, activities, and herbs. Here are some herbal allies to help you navigate Spring to stay happy and healthy, especially with the threat of viruses going around.


  • Ginger

  • Rebuilds digestive fire, promotes good micro-biome in the gut.

  • Tulsi (holy basil)

  • Warming and nourishing, supports the immune system.

  • Nettles  

  • Great for seasonal allergies, provides calcium, B-vitamins, iron and nourishes the blood.

  • Cardamom

  • Helpful in curbing sweets cravings, warming digestive aid.

  • Cinnamon

  • Digestive aid, naturally sweet and warming, naturally reduces blood sugar.

  • Dandelion  

  • Clears liver, diuretic, bitter green that is wonderful to eat fresh in spring. You can also use the dried root in infusions or teas. 

  • Pepper  

  • Kindles digestive fire to strengthen digestive abilities, energizes the senses.

An easy way to incorporate these herbs into your day is to make aninfusion (long-steeped tea)and drink it daily. You can also add these herbs to your meals and ingest them fully. Experiment and have fun. 

What have I mentioned here that appeals to you, feels do-able, and makes you curious? Try integrating 1-3 of these suggestions into your life now. Add more as you feel ready. Let me know how it goes. If this information is exciting to you and you feel ready to delve into a year of learning to live in rhythm with nature, check out the Vitality Circle. This evolutionary group of women is turning back the hands of time and is co-creating an amazing community with me.  I am cheering you on in your pursuit of health and happiness! With love and light, Hannah

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