Staying Buoyant - Meditation

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Hate, greed, and misunderstanding are currently wrecking havoc in our already uncertain environment. What are we to do?

While my heart hurts and my eyes fill with tears, I recognize that falling into hopelessness is not the answer.

Instead, I turn to the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda to put into perspective where we are now.

Whether we are looking at disease in the body/mind or dis-ease in a society, there is always a breakdown before the breakthrough. What isn't working must be identified, acknowledged, and invited to dissolve before we can create a better way of being and reach optimal health.

In this moment, our deeper work is to wake up to what isn't working in the world around us and be willing to change.

As we move from Kapha season (Spring) into Pitta season (Summer), issues related to heat will become more prevalent. Heat exacerbates tempers, creates fierce competition, and encourages snap judgement.

The more mindful we can be about balancing out the heat inside us, the more productive our personal and collective evolution will be. 

Here is a short guided meditation that I created to help us focus on the power of uncertainty during this time.




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