Summer Solstice Questions

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there! This is a potent time to be a masculine role model. Here is why... This Summer Solstice on Saturday, June 20, will be particularly powerful because it is followed by a Solar Eclipse! Within many cultures the Sun represents masculine energy. This is interesting to recognize on this Father's Day, as the sun will be eclipsed (although only visible over Asia and Africa) allowing a pause for the feminine, receptive energy to be felt more palpably.  The alignment of the planets during the Solar Eclipse on Sunday June 21st, from a Vedic astrology perspective, generally indicates material loss for the world for the sake of spiritual progress. This eclipse will trigger some significant changes over the following six months. Mostly, we are going to see a shift from masculine energy to feminine energy to allow more connectivity, understanding, and growth. Are we ready, collectively, for this shift?  Any actions performed during a solar eclipse become magnified in their results.  Setting intentions, writing affirmations, meditation, etc. are helpful, even if you aren't in the path of the eclipse.  As we pass through this transitional time, taking in all that is happening in our personal and global spheres, here are some questions to ponder in the days ahead: 1. How do you find balance between the discipline of what you have been taught about "the way things are" and what you know from your personal experience to be true? 2. What needs to change in your life to allow you to live with more truth and authenticity? 3. How do you choose to move forward? What will you focus on? I invite you to really give these questions some thought. Sharing what you come up with can be helpful too, so feel free to email me with your answers. 

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