Tend your heart

It's February. Friday = Valentine's day.  Amidst all of the hardships of the world, The political, environmental, medical, and energetic human crisis, We can do well to connect with our HEARTS. The amazing organ inside you that pumps non-stop to ensure life. The energy center that allows for connection, empathy, and fulfillment. It seems to me... All of our hearts could use a little tending. All of us can build a brighter fire in the chest. Lift the gaze, meet strangers as familiar, and shine a little brighter.  We can recognize the light in others as the same light we possess. And life flows in mysterious ways... One friend lost her sister suddenly last week. One friend is recovering from heart surgery.  Why does life hurl these hardships at us out of the blue? One friend just got engaged to her true love on a Mexican beach. One friend is sleeping better than she has in years and wakes up happy. And yet, we have each other to hold us tight when the heart needs healing. Celebrate when we have joy. We have each day to explore ways of being that bring us closer to truth. We often forget to acknowledge this gift. Our hearts guide us wisely, if we let them. How will you nurture your heart today? How will you nurture the heart of the world today?

Heart-opening is exactly what a lot of us need this time of year, living in the Northern Hemisphere. Our bodies and spirits get a little earth-bound (heavy) this time of year as we head into Kapha Season. The cold weather has created tense muscles and hunched shoulders. Lack of movement has created stagnation in the blood flow and inspiration. Do you feel any of this?  Its time to get some heart-opening action going on! Ways to enliven your heart energy: - When you first wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, give yourself a little heart massage with your hands and enliven your mind with gratitude for the day. - Place your hands over your heart, palms against your chest, close your eyes, and low, mono-tone, hum. Let the vibration fill your body with awakening energy. Do this for 10 breaths.  - Do heart-opening yoga, like the Yoga Practice in the video above.  - Drink Rose tea - Massage your body with rose infused oil In this second part of winter, where the elements of Earth and Water encourage connection, snuggle a little closer to your own goodness. You deserve self-care, and the nourishment it brings.

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