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This past week I really enjoyed leading the One Habit to Thrive Challenge on Facebook. I taught about so many important things that affect health, wellbeing, and our ability to thrive. On day four of the challenge, I shared the Three Causes of Disease and it blew a bunch of people wide open with insight. Many of us are living lives that make us sick without realizing it!! Humans are innately aligned with living in ease. The problems start when we bring in stress, chemicals in our food, less sleep, drugs, blue light, toxic relationships, less body movement, and prioritizing productivity over ease. Amidst the reality that any of us may deal with the virus in our current pandemic, there are certainly many things we can also do to avoid setting ourselves up for long term disease. These are just a few things that lead to Dis-ease (the opposite of ease):

1. Prajnaparadha: Not learning from past experience/mistakes Not remembering how you feel when you: drink too much

eat certain foods

stay up too late

don't move your body

hang out with certain people

get sucked into social media

2. Asatmendriyartha Samyoga: Disrespecting the Senses

Anything that overloads or abuses our sense organs and overwhelms the nervous system. not wearing warm enough clothes

being on the computer too much

not wearing sunscreen or applying chemicals on our bodies

having music, podcasts, or television on and avoiding silence

eating until you're uncomfortable

having products in our homes with chemical perfumes/phthalates

eating artificial flavors, chemicals, msg

watching violent movies

listening to loud music

3. Parinama: Living out of Rhythm

Anytime we are not aware of alignment with the circadian clock, the season, and our own life cycles. staying up late at night sleeping in past sunrise eating heavier or later

snacking all the time

not shifting our self-care habits to match the current season not accommodating our personal stage of life

Now you know where dis-ease starts. Articulating these causes shows us how we are making life harder for ourselves and essentially rowing our boat upstream rather than going with the FLOW OF LIFE. It's what we do repeatedly, over time, that ultimately dictates our destiny.

I challenge you to choose one item from the list above to change in your life, this week.

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