What kind of warrior are you?

"We forget, then remember, then forget. We stumble and fall, and rise again. This too is the way."

- Dan Millman fromWisdom of the Peaceful Warrior

The nature of life is evolution. We are here to evolve, and sometimes the world forces us into the evolutionary process even when we least expect it.

As heart-wrenching as this past week has been, the protests and riots are signifiers of our need to evolve as a society. This present reality is hopefully making us uncomfortable enough that we will collectively change to create a more just and equitable world. We must be willing to get uncomfortable, as we examine the injustice that has been continually perpetuated upon minorities in this country.

There is always a breakdown before a breakthrough. 

When life feels too complicated and uncertain, it's best to acknowledge the discomfort.

Certain yoga poses express the potential of where we are, specifically Reverse Warrior (also known as Peaceful Warrior). As a culture we know the masculine warrior energy well - using force, focusing on linear progressions, and hierarchy. This accomplishes certain things well, however we need to balance the masculine with the feminine too.

What if we reversed our warrior, inviting in feminine and receptive energy? In Reverse Warrior pose, we stay strong and rooted to the earth through the legs, while also opening our hearts to potential; gazing upward toward the infinite, and leaning back into the support of the universe! Keep learning, keep loving, keep listening, and expanding. 

This pose is a metaphor for answering the questions in our lives each day. When we want different results, we must take different actions.

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