Yoga - one story from my life

"Yoga can heal your life." I remember someone telling me this when I was a teenager. I didn't understand what that meant at the time. When I found myself at age 31, in the middle of a divorce, I remembered those wise words and decided to dive in a little deeper.  Though my father introduced me to yoga when I was a teenager, and I attended classes a couple times a week through college and beyond, it wasn't until my life was crumbling around me that I sought it out as a path to help me cope with the discomfort of change, and ultimately heal.  Yoga often starts as a physical practice and works its way into you, proving to be one of the most healing tools in a personal tool belt.  The 8 limbs of Yoga offer guidance in how to calm the crazies inside; strengthening, softening, reflecting, and gaining clarity. Through training the body, mind, and breath, my life changed. I felt more capable to engage with the unknowns in life and expand into new ways to be in the world.  When I started a 9-month yoga teacher training at age 32, I cut all my hair off and decided to let the practice work on me in whatever way it would. My thick, very curly hair was something everyone noticed about me, and commented on. I was curious what would happen if I met myself as a yoga teacher without that identifying feature.  What happened?  Through intensive training (and no hair), I found myself able to acknowledge emotion in a clearer way, create space for self-care, and balance the energy inside me. I began to inhabit my body in a way I didn't think was possible. I began to love and trust my body through building strength and flexibility, which then carried over into my mind.  As my practice has continued through the years and deepened through learning Ayurveda, I have come to trust it as a tool for guidance as I also trust the unfolding of my life. My life was not ruined by a marriage ending; it was in many ways, just beginning.  Yoga has continued to support my wellbeing for close to 2 decades and has become especially vital during the past 6 months. Look at all we have been through! Teaching each day on Facebook has been a wonderful accountability for me to get on my mat, but has also helped me connect with the supportive layers of the practice when the SH*T is hitting the fan in every direction in our world.  What is your story with yoga? I am curious to hear. 

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