Your superpowers await you

I have been loving recent conversations in the Vitality Circle (my signature year-long program for women combining Ayurveda and Mindset) about embodying your unique constitution gives each of us super powers.  Similar to knowing your Myers-Briggs personality type or Enneagram number, knowing your unique and individual Ayurvedic constitution (Dosha) can help guide you toward work, relationships, and skills that come most naturally to you.  Here is a little sampling of each Dosha's tendencies in terms of skills and innate assets. Take my DOSHA QUIZ and then see if you can identify with these traits (keeping in mind we are all a mixture of Doshas, not one pure energy, which means you can have the superpowers of more than one Dosha).  VATA (Air and Ether): Creative thinker, spontaneous, curious about new things/ideas, likes to move (travel, exercise, etc...), likes to keep things fresh and new, drawn to ethereal and existential potentials in life. PITTA (Fire and Water): Logical, good with structure, follows through on commitments, and systems. Passionate, strong leader, tenacious, great problem solver, drawn to the practical potentials in life.  KAPHA (Earth and Water): Stable, compassionate, loyal, understanding, persistent, connects well with others, resourceful and generous, drawn to the stabilizing and calming potentials in life.  Hopefully these descriptions give you a little teaser of what is possible when you embrace your constitution and celebrate your natural gifts. Here are what some current Vitality Circle members had to say about how they feel now that they understand their Doshic tendencies:  "Knowing my constitution, understanding my characteristics, I am more forgiving and gentle with myself. I am more focused and awareness has increased making better eating choices and relationships. I’m learning to speak my true and honor myself." - Shiela  "Knowing and beginning to learn more about my constitution has been both like meeting an old friend that I had forgotten I knew AND like meeting myself for the first time. So many things make sense that didn't before - and so many doors have opened that I didn't even know to look for before." - Christi  "This knowledge is very powerful and comforting and empowering. It brings ease in my life not trying to be what I can‘t be and acknowledging and appreciating what I am. Yes it is a healing process and I‘m so glad to be on the journey with you all and learning from you all." - Ulrike

Are you ready to learn your innate Superpowers?

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