Your TONGUE doesn't lie!!

Happy Hanukkah, for those who celebrate! And, happy almost Solstice, Christmas, and Kwanza! This is the time of year to create light in the darkness with candles, twinkly lights, fires in the hearth or a campfire outside as we social distance.

This is also a great to time ignite the fire of curiosity; kindle the flame of learning, both intellectually and intuitively.

If you are going to be a bright light in this world, you have got to clear out the gunk in your body, mind, and spirit. Getting to know your tongue is a great first step!

This past week, I had a blast being interviewed by my friend and fellow Yoga Health Coach, Jill Novak, about tongue analysis and tongue scraping. Listen to the interview above and you will have some insights about your own health and happiness, simply from looking at your tongue.

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