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Hannah’s teachings are not substitutes for visits to healthcare professionals for recommended screenings, preventative check-ups, and follow-ups. Check with your doctor before taking any medical action, including whether or not you should take medication, how much or how often you should take medication, or any medical treatment. In the event of an emergency, contact your healthcare professional.

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Workshops + Retreats


February 22 - Yoga and Ayurveda in Roanoke, VA

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I offer retreats throughout the year. Please check back regularly to see what is coming up.

December 20-22: Winter Solstice Retreat

Each season holds its wisdom for us to align with to be healthy. Early Winter is made up of the elements Air and Ether (Space), and late Winter is made up of Earth and Water. We can balance this out using the wisdom of Ayurveda to ground down and connect with the earth.


The workshop includes Yoga, Ayurveda Classes, Ayurvedic meals, and art experiences.


For more info or to register contact Hannah by December 15 at


Karen Y.

North Carolina

I have been to many different retreats. I would put this as one of my favorites. Possibly most favorite. The biggest reason is your leadership and organization. Your energy allows for a safe, free space for everyone to fully be themselves and show that to everyone. You are gracious and open to everyone's exploration and curiosity. The fact that you are approachable yet also knowledgeable as an expert is a special combo that is a gift. 

Janet Beall

North Carolina

 It was such a wonderful time with special women. We are all seeking our best selves in ways that nurture & honor our true selves! Hannah & Renee did a great job. Thank you, Hannah, for your knowledge, inspiration & passion for the science of Ayurveda. You have blessed my life!

Christi Lee

North Carolina

 I would absolutely recommend this experience - whether you're into Ayurveda or not. This is an opportunity to completely unplug and immerse yourself in three days of self-care, relaxation, learning and fun.