Vitality Circle participants experience...

  • EXCELLENT DIGESTION - Are you are fed up with having gas, bloating, and acid reflux?
  • BETTER SLEEP - Can you remember the last time you got consistent, nourishing sleep?
  • LOSING WEIGHT NATURALLY - Are you tired of carrying extra weight and fed up with dieting?
  • MORE ENERGY - Are you frustrated with relying on caffeine, sugar, and alcohol to get through your day?
  • MORE EASE - Do you feel like each day is a bit of a struggle and you wonder how to make life easier?
  • GRACEFUL AGING - Do you wonder what you could be doing now to help your future self?
  • RESILIENCY IN OUR CHANGING WORLD - Do you crave a mindset shift to help with resiliency?
  • THRIVING FOR THE REST OF LIFE  - Do you want to gather natural healing tools so that you can thrive instead of just survive?



"I cried in my doctor's office when he told me my cholesterol levels had normalized and I had lost 20 pounds. My bloodwork looked fantastic, I feel good on the outside from the weight loss, but to know that my insides are better too, and all the zillions of things I have learned over the past few months, it works!" 

- Nikki D.




This transformative year within the Vitality Circle has been a beacon of light in my life. My health and energy have improved significantly. Through Ayurvedic learning and the warmth of my vitality sisters, I've unearthed a treasure trove of self-discovery and holistic well-being. Our shared journey, guided by ancient wisdom, has woven a tapestry of empowerment, unity, and radiant health. This circle has been my sanctuary, where I've shed old patterns, embraced new vitality, and found lifelong sisters who walk this path with me. Grateful for the wisdom gained and bonds forged, I step forward with a heart full of harmony and a spirit ablaze with newfound vitality.

- Dede R.

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"It's a gift you give yourself, but in reality everyone around you benefits from your presence. I want everybody that I love to join the Vitality Circle! I am also teaching these habits to my girls. They benefit by knowing how to truly care for themselves now as teenagers. 

- Amy W.


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What is Included in the Vitality Circle?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hannah Elizabeth Levin  is the founder of Heartfelt Wellbeing LLC. She is an Ayurvedic Practitioner (NAMA), yoga teacher (E-RYT, YACEP), and yoga health coach who also holds a masters degree in teaching.

Hannah unique teaching style combines Ayurveda, Yoga, Expressive Arts, Inquiry and Compassion practices, Habit implementation, and much more. 

Her own healing path through chronic allergies, anxiety, sleep struggles, digestive issues, and chronic hip pain led her to the healing found in yoga and Ayurveda. 

Hannah's mission is to alleviate unnecessary suffering. Today, she expertly guides women to regain their optimal health and vitality through her online coaching programs. She supports women to create diet, lifestyle, and mindset changes so they can experience vibrant energy, lose weight, sleep well, get off medications, reverse autoimmune conditions, love themselves, live authentically, age gracefully, improve relationships, and fulfill their wildest dreams!

Hannah lives on a beautiful homestead in Floyd, Virginia with her partner, David, and two bonus children.

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