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Hannah  Levin



6 month
Ayurveda Program for Women

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Would you like to have more energy, sleep better, live in seasonal alignment, maintain a healthy weight, rid the body of dis-ease, and THRIVE every day?

The truth is that most people are not experiencing optimal health because they are missing the key knowledge and tools that they need to live a healthy life.


  • Secret 1: The reason why Western medicine hasn't solved your health issues is that it isn't designed to do so. There's a proven, time-tested system that gets at the root of your health problems and helps you live from a place of deep nourishment.

  • Secret 2: Over 50% of the symptoms you are experiencing are because your body IS working correctly. You need to learn the tools to communicate and move in sync with your body.

  • Secret 3: There is one important ingredient that most doctors don't talk about that will unlock everything that has been holding you back - and it's not nutrition, exercise, or pills.

You will learn these topics and more in the Vitality Circle Program.

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Dana Foster


People have been asking me what I'm doing. I've lost 25 pounds, I'm finally sleeping, I recognize dis-ease in my body easier. I no longer suffer from allergies and do not need my medications for them. I have been working on coming off medications with diet, lifestyle and yoga changes for over 4 years. I am happier, stronger and life is easier.

Janet Beall

North Carolina

The Vitality Circle is transformative. I have embraced some important lifestyle changes that resulted in a loss of 13 lbs, significantly improved digestion, a calmer less anxious life, eliminated all allergy medication and my overall perspective on life is more energized and enthusiastic. A great solution for autoimmune issues.

Julie Shirley


I no longer have to use sleep meds. Best sleep I have ever gotten. My digestive system is finally working. I am not gassy and bloated all of the time. I feel great! The Vitality Circle is amazing! Just knowing that I have a strong group of women out there to support me if I need them is such a comforting feeling. Ayurveda with Hannah as my guide is a way of life for me now and always!