Health starts with knowing yourself.

You are unique & you have

amazing potential.

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Health starts with knowing yourself. You are unique & you have amazing potential.

Click here to learn your Ayurvedic constitution.
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Do you wish you could...


Lose weight without dieting or starving yourself?


Your ideal weight can be achieved by focusing on nourishment and self-love rather that deprivation or following lists!



Sleep like a baby and wake refreshed without any drugs?


Your nervous system is talking to you if your sleep is disturbed in any way. Learn how to fall asleep easily, and stay asleep for your best sleep ever!



Have amazing energy every day and age with ease and grace?


Each year can be better than the last. Set yourself up to thrive for the rest of your life!


Hannah Levin


Make your life a Work of Art. I invite you to indulge in Heartfelt Wellbeing. 

I am here to support you to thrive in life with Ayurveda, Mindset, and Personal Health Coaching.


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Banyan Botanicals - Product of the Month


Adrenal Nourish

This unique blend of tonifying herbs was created to nourish the adrenals and help support the body's ability to deal with stress. Ashwagandha, a renowned adaptogen, promotes resilience while kapikacchu, a natural source of L-dopa, supports the nervous system and the mind. Guduchi, gokshura, and eleuthero contribute adaptogenic and calming properties.*

As we go into the shift in seasons, leading us to the Autumn Equinox later this month, we need to consider how we nourish and replenish from the energy we expended during the summer.

Feeling burned out? Adrenal Nourish is a great herbal blend to support you this time of year!

This formula is one of my favorites:

When life gets stressful, our adrenals tend to take the toll, leaving us exhausted and depleted. These adaptogenic herbs are traditionally used to replenish the adrenal glands, support balanced energy levels, and promote overall resilience in the midst of stress.*

  • Tonifying and rejuvenating blend of adaptogens*

  • Promotes balanced energy levels and stamina*

  • Supports the body's ability to deal with daily stress*

  • Nourishes and supports optimal state of balance of the adrenals*

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