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Make your life A WORK OF ART by

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"Hannah presents material in such a beautiful simple way, easy to digest and assimilate to action. Her vitality and radiance provides an inspiration to the process and the compassionate space she holds for the participants allows for deep growth work.   The way Hannah has syntheisized decades of her own learning into clear action steps makes the path to health and well being an enjoyable process". - TT

"People have been asking me what I'm doing. I've lost 25 pounds, I'm finally sleeping, I recognize dis-ease in my body easier. I no longer suffer from allergies and do not need my medications for them. I have been working on coming off medications with diet, lifestyle and yoga changes for over 4 years. I am happier, stronger and life is easier. It's not a miracle, but it's worth the work you need to put into it. If you are willing to INVEST IN YOURSELF, work with Hannah." - DF

"Even though I am only a little over 2 weeks into my Ayurvedic health journey I already feel better than I have in years! Cheers to filling the new year with health, joy, and new adventures" - AM


"Hannah’s yoga classes are warm and welcoming.  She has a beautiful spirit and hypnotic teaching voice.  Her classes have a wonderful cadence and lead to a body that is open, balanced, and centered.  I am left feeling inspired and  looking forward to my next class."  - PF

"Hannah is so much more than an instructor.  She is by definition, a wonderful "teacher" in every way. She has a calmness that is tantamount to a full body massage while you're doing poses.  Her heart is rooted in the love of Yoga and sharing herself and the practice with many.  I wouldn't trade anything for getting to know her and having the pleasure of enjoying all aspects of her teachings." - CW




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Seeking women who are ready to let go of what isn't working, embody their potential, and live a life of THRIVE using Ayurveda!

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