Success Stories 


Diane D

"The Vitality Circle was the answer to my prayers. Hannah covers every angle of support possible. I used to turn to food when I felt difficult emotions. Now, I am aware of my emotions and I can catch myself and change my actions from a place of empowered self-care. I started the Vitality Circle to get off of medications, but I have gotten so much more out of it. I feel stronger in myself, my body, and in sharing my thoughts. I am healing stories of shame I have carried for decades. Emotional eating feels so trivial now, compared to the giant things I have healed in order to move forward with really living my life.“

Amy W

"I keep looking in the mirror and I keep getting younger. I joined the Vitality Circle so I could have a better "time journey." It's so much more than just your body. By doing these habits, no matter what comes at you, you've got these habits which give you peace, a touchstone. I am also teaching these habits to my girls. They benefit by knowing how to truly care for themselves now as teenagers."

Janet B

"My body, spirit & mind are clearer & stronger. I feeler younger & more alive. I am physically strong & I have a great attitude toward life. I can focus on my artistic work & find joy in everyday life. I have been resilient through the pandemic! My health numbers are steadily improving, I have eliminated or greatly reduced my prescription meds. Everything has changed. And I am so thankful that you, Hannah, introduced me to Ayurveda! I could never have imagined I would have an online support group like VC and that some of my best friends are there. Thank you from the depths of my heart!"

Shannon M

“I never thought this was possible. My life has totally transformed. It’s been a profound transformation into living in my body with ease. I am proud of myself for knowing this was the right step because I did things for so long that were bad for me. Now I can rely on myself to heal. I feel more peace inside myself everyday. I have healed my digestion, sleep, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance. I have felt like I’ve had a secret: I have gotten to do this program and be so supported, and becoming healthier and happier while the world has been in pandemonium. I looking forward to continuing to live my life in the KNOW."

Nikki D

"I cried in my doctor's office when he told me my cholesterol levels had normalized and I had lost 20 pounds. My bloodwork looked fantastic, I feel good on the outside from the weightloss, but to know that my insides are better too, and all the zillions of things I have learned over the past few months, it works!"

Linda A

Learning Ayurveda through Evolve has allowed me to understand myself more deeply and accept the things that I always saw as "problems". Evolve has given me the tools to balance my nature. I've lost weight and my joints feel better and I love the supportive community of women in Evolve.
Having the understanding about all the aspects of being a woman. What we go through, whatever stage of life we're in, we are worth it. This is something that is going to impact us for the rest of our life. It's not a quick fix but a long-term solution. Evolve gives us the opportunity to learn to live the most vibrant, energetic, juicy life we can live."