2023 Events with Hannah

Join Hannah for this amazing online Ayurveda workshop!

April 16, 2023 from 2-4:30pm EDT

Learn how to support the best version of yourself through deep nourishment from food, sleep, movement, and thoughts.

Implement the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for more ease and joy in your daily life.

Examine how to shift into more profound alignment with yourself.  

Align with the Spring season in new and meaningful ways and learn how true self-care is never selfish. 

Join the Spring Women's Wisdom Workshop 

Enroll Here: $30

A retreat with Hannah is an opportunity to be in community with a group of special women supporting each other on their health journeys while learning and having fun together!

- Tiffany C. 

Spring Rejuvenation with Kate King 

April 19-23

Golden, CO

A women's retreat for mind-body wellness.


Gather with a small aligned group for inner-work and holistic wellbeing unlike anything you've experienced before. Explore rejuvenating Springtime energy and take a deep dive of healing and growth with the skillful guidance of two experienced healers and a supportive community of women.

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 "I loved this time to connect deeply with yourself and others, while learning about Ayurveda and how to live in alignment with nature." - Cristi L.

August Heartfelt Wellbeing Retreat

at Prama Institute in Marshall, NC


Connect with other members of the community in the beautiful NC mountains. 

 August 17-20, 2023

20 minutes from Asheville, NC. 

Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, Creativity, Nourishment, Nature, and Fun!

Enroll NOW!

Limited to 20 women. 12 spots left

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 "It was such a wonderful retreat with special women. We are all seeking our best selves in ways that nurture & honor our true selves! Thank you, Hannah, for your knowledge, inspiration & passion for the science of Ayurveda. You have blessed my life❤️" - Janet B.
 Hannah Levin is an Ayurveda Health Counselor, Yoga teacher, and Yoga Health Coach who delights in guiding women out of self-care neglect to live their best lives and age gracefully. She also holds a Master's Degree in Teaching. 

Her clients report lasting weight loss, regaining the ability to sleep well, clearing digestive issues, reversing autoimmune diseases, feeling 10-20 years younger, and loving their lives to a greater degree after implementing her teachings.

Hannah hosts the popular Heartfelt Yoga and Ayurveda group on Facebook, where she offers yoga and special Ayurveda teaching events. She also leads the Vitality Circle, her signature, in-depth, year-long Ayurveda and mindset program for women and has Evolve, an intro to Ayurveda course for busy women. 

Hannah is also a potter, musician, and dancer. She lives on a beautiful homestead in Floyd, Virginia with her amazing partner David, bonus children Otis and Juniper, and dog Bosco.