Cookbooks for a healthier YOU!

ayurveda cookbook medicinal food recipes Dec 15, 2019

Cookbooks for a healthier YOU!!

Cookbooks are the best! Especially when they have wonderful pictures and help you understand how to eat for each season and your specific constitution. 

One awesome thing about Ayurvedic Cookbooks is that every single one that I have ever come across has a wonderful introduction that explains Ayurveda, helping you understand your constitution and living in seasonal alignment, and explains spices and food preparation. In essence, you are getting two books in one: an Ayurvedic text book and a Cookbook. 

Last week, I did a Facebook Live about my favorite Ayurvedic Cookbooks in the Sleep, Eat, Thrive Masterclass and really enjoyed sharing these resources. If you are looking for meaningful and inspiring gifts these might fit the bill for some of your friends and family. I have no vested interest or kickbacks from your purchases, but do want you to know about these amazing resources. Below, I am highlighting 4 cookbooks that I enjoy using, with my comments on them. To order from Amazon, you can simply click on the images of the cookbooks. 

The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook by Kate O'Donnell

This is the best "Starter Cookbook" for most people, in my opinion. I love the way this book is laid out with a wonderful introduction to Ayurveda, food prep methods, and seasons. The recipes themselves are organized by season which really helps everyone think seasonally before getting too focused on personal constitution or imbalances. If we all simply ate in alignment with the season, most imbalances would disappear. The photographs in this cookbook are stellar as well. Kate O'Donnell teaches at Kripalu. 

Eat, Feel, Fresh by Sahara Rose Ketabi

This is another beautiful cookbook. It provides a great take on bringing Ayurveda into our modern culture, understanding the need for plant based diet, alkalinity.  She also sheds light on foods that have become polluted that Ayurveda used to promote, like dairy. Sahara Rose has been called the "Millennial Ayurvedic Guide" and she has a podcast and website which both promote living in alignment with Ayurveda in our current cultural climate in the US. The pictures and layout in this book are amazing too. Each recipe has notes about adjustments for each dosha/season.

Sacred and Delicious by Lisa Joy Mitchell

Sacred and Delicious has a wonderful introduction about Ayurveda and then is laid out like a more traditional cookbook, by type of food (breads, entrees, breakfasts, etc). It has notes about doshic alterations with each recipe and Lisa Joy Mitchell also provides personal stories and anecdotes with the recipes, which makes them special and interesting. Lots of great cooking tips and tricks on how to bring Ayurvedic cooking into the modern world are included as well.

The Everyday Ayurveda for a Calm, Clear Mind

This is another book by Kate O'Donnell, which focuses on a more subtle aspect of our beings: the mind. Understanding the balance between Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas helps us to work toward cultivating a more balanced mental state where we have clarity and peace. This is the medicine we need in our complicated times! These recipes delicious and pictures are beautiful. I suggest you work with this cookbook after you have grasped the basics of Ayurveda and/or have learned from one of the cookbooks I mentioned earlier.

May this last week before the Winter Solstice be filled with nourishment and ease. Sending you many "wintery pause" blessings. 

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