Does crossing your fingers prevent disease?

age gracefully ayurveda healing one habit to thrive reflect vitality circle Jul 25, 2021
In my program the Vitality Circle, I frequently hear members say: "Why didn't we learn this stuff in elementary school?" or "I wish I knew this earlier in my life, it would have saved me a lot of time, misery, and money!" What these women are referring to is the wisdom of Ayurveda - what I like to describe as the owner's manual for your unique body and mind that we were never given.
Once we know ourselves through the lens of Ayurveda, so many of our health struggles and tendencies make sense. We can finally stop crossing our fingers and hoping for the best in regards to our health, and begin to take simple daily actions that result in us being the healthiest happiest versions of ourselves. Does that sound too simple? Too good to be true? It's really not. We have just lost this ancient grand-mother wisdom and it's time for us to reconnect with it for the good of all (personal, community, and planetary wellness).
When it comes to health, unfortunately, most modern humans cross their fingers and hope for the best, despite the facts that nearly 75% of Americans are overweight, close to 50% of Americans are living with chronic disease, and 66% of all Americans are taking prescription drugs. We live in an age of "sick care", where we only seek to make changes to how we are living once we are sick, instead of "health care" focusing on caring deeply for our health so we don't lose it.
I would like to change that story by introducing you to your unique health blueprint. Ayurveda is not rocket science. It simply involves a mindset shift from waiting for something to go wrong before you attend to your health, to taking empowered, preventative, and self-loving actions. Put simply, it comes down to daily commitment to self-care. It works for anyone, at any age. You can finally uncross your fingers and let your shoulders relax with a sigh of relief!
If you are committed to living your life fully, and easefully, supporting you is exactly why I created the Summer One Habit to Thrive Challenge, which I am offering August 5 & for FREE!
If you haven't done one of the previous challenges with me, let me just say they are a great way to learn some Ayurveda, make positive changes in your daily choices, and have a lot of fun with a supportive group for FREE.

I love empowering others to Thrive through the wisdom of Ayurveda, and I know you'll love it when you feel happier and healthier too.

Each session of this FREE Challenge will guide you deeper into your own innate healing power and your ability to THRIVE!! Whether you are struggling with intense health challenges or simply looking to age gracefully and explore your potential, the One Habit to Thrive Challenge is for you!

I cannot wait to see what shifts for you.
May you be happy and healthy.

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