Memorial Day (Special Drink)

pitta recipes summer May 30, 2021

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  

For many of us, this weekend marks the beginning of summer, time to relax and celebrate while honoring the ultimate sacrifice others have made in the name of our country.  And... Holiday weekends tend to encourage behaviors that we later regret. You know what I mean? Overeating, drinking too much alcohol, staying up too late, etc.  Part of what I think makes living an Ayurvedic lifestyle so fun is creating new options for food and drink while still participating in shared fun. In that vein, I want share with you my version of a recipe from Kate O'Donnel's cookbook, The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook, for a refreshing celebratory beverage that actually clears your liver, brightens the mind, and supports your digestion.  

Refresh-o-rama 2 cups orange or grapefruit juice (best of freshly squeezed, but bottled will work too)

1/2 inch of fresh ginger root 1 tsp. raw honey juice of 1 lemon dash of cayenne (for more Vata or Kapha people, or the adventurous) 

Process one cup of the juice with the ginger in a blender until well combined. Keeping the blender running, drizzle the honey through the feeder, then add the rest of the ingredients. Churn for 1 minute. Transfer to 2 glasses and drink right away.  

Notes: For more of a smoothie consistency, use freshly peeled oranges or grapefruit instead of the juice. Add seltzer to make it fizzy or a sprig of rosemary or mint for embellishment. 

You can party AND feel great afterward too! Let me know how it goes. May your holiday be inspiring and refreshing! 

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