Mother's Day! Are you READY to Work with Me?

gratitude one habit to thrive self-care spring vitality circle May 09, 2021

Happy Mother's Day!  

All of us ladies are mothering something at some point or another - a child, a pet, a dream, or a project. 

And ... truth bomb: The energy of birth flows through us and can inspire or deplete us.  

So ... How is your self-care lately? 

I am hearing many women report that "coming out of this pandemic year is a real threshold from letting everything go, to regaining vision for what health and wellness ought to look like moving forward." It's been a hard year, no doubt, but if it is ultimately making us more aware of our needs, tuned into the cause and effect of our choices, and more compassionate about reaching "perfection," I believe there is a silver lining here.  

That silver lining is also that you all in this community keep showing up in amazing ways!  I have really been enjoying the Spring One Habit to Thrive Challenge.

I have been leading on Facebook these past few days.  

It is truly inspiring to me to interact with women who are ready to focus on their health in new, more compassionate, and natural ways. 

To that end, I wanted to let you know that the doors are open for two opportunities to work with me: My year-long program, the Vitality Circle and my BRAND NEW program called, Evolve.  

If you are curious about working with me to become your happiest, healthiest self, then read on...

Ayurveda is the tried and true ancient healthcare system from India. At its simplest, Ayurveda can be a personalized roadmap to get you back in harmony with your deepest vitality, whatever your health struggles may be. I have assisted many women in finding their ultimate vitality and you now have a chance to join them. Here are two options:

The Vitality Circle is a year-long program for women whose #1 priority is revolutionizing their health and creating a new level of vitality they didn’t know was possible. They are ready to examine their mind/body patterns and fully realize their potential through guided habit change. The Vitality Circle combines group coaching with 1:1 sessions with Hannah and a mentor.

If making critical and lasting changes to your health is called for, and you desire guidance, camaraderie, and accountability on the path, this program is for you.

Requirements: Strong curiosity, willingness to try new things, and commitment to realize goals.

"The Vitality Circle was the answer to my prayers. Hannah covers every angle of support possible. I used to turn to food when I felt difficult emotions. Now, I am aware of my emotions and I can catch myself and change my actions from a place of empowered self-care. I started the Vitality Circle to get off of medications, but I have gotten so much more out of it. I feel stronger in myself, my body, and in sharing my thoughts. I am healing stories of shame I have carried for decades. Emotional eating feels so trivial now, compared to the giant things I have healed in order to move forward with really living my life." -Diane DeLorenzo

Evolve is a group coaching program for women who are ready to make changes in three areas in a less intensive setting: Nutrition, Sleep, and Movement.

Participants are curious and self-motivated women who enjoy engaging in groups.
This program is an introduction to the 3 most foundational components to creating lifelong health and vitality through the lens of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda paired with modern behavioral science.

"I never thought this was possible. My life has totally transformed. It’s been a profound transformation into living in my body with ease. I am proud of myself for knowing this was the right step because I did things for so long that was bad for me. Now I can rely on myself to heal. I feel more peace inside myself every day. I have healed my digestion, sleep, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance. I have felt like I’ve had a secret: I have gotten to do this program and be so supported and become healthier and happier while the world has been in pandemonium. I looking forward to continuing to live my life in the KNOW." Shannon Meehan.

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