Honoring Yourself at Every Life Stage

equinox kapha retreat spring Mar 18, 2024

As the transition to Spring arrives with the Equinox this week, I am reminded of the phases of the seasons, and also the phases of life that we all journey through. 

One of the Ayurvedic teachings that I love so much is about honoring our life stages. There are four life stages that, if we are blessed to live into old age, we will get to experience:

  1.  Brahmacharya (0-25 years): building self, being a student, governed by Kapha dosha
  2.  Grihastha (25-50 years): the householder phase, building life with others, often involves transformation, governed by Pitta dosha
  3.  Vanaprastha (50-75 years): open up more subtle connectivity with spiritual life, less attachment to material, governed by Vata and Pitta doshas
  4.  Sanyasi (75-100 years): phase of renunciation, giving back to younger generations, sweet experience of wisdom, governed by Vata dosha

Author Deborah Adele shares a perspective on the stages in her book The Yamas and Niyamas: “In the first period of life, it was time to grow up and, with the support of your parents, learn a skill in which you showed interest and ability. In the second period of life, it was time to use this skill for the good of the community and to receive money in return so you could live and raise a family. In the third period of life, it was time to leave worldly possessions and tasks in pursuit of inner wisdom. And, in the last phase of life, it was time to return to the community, guiding and supporting the community with the inner wisdom that had been attained.” 

What are your reflections upon reading about these stages? What do you resonate with in the life stage you are currently in? What are you challenged by in reflecting on these phases?

We get to be many different people over the course of a lifetime. The requirement is change as we embrace different eras of what we are focused on, what our energy allows for, and who we are interacting with. 

The reality that we do NOT stay the same is what allows us to navigate each life stage with fresh curiosity and openness to how things will/can be different. This can be such a gift if we chose to embrace it. 

This poem by Emory Hall comes to mind every time I teach about life stages:

make peace

with all the women

you once were.


lay flowers

at their feet.


offer them incense

and honey

and forgiveness.


honor them

and give them

your silence.




bless them

and let them be.


for they are the bones

of the temple

you sit in now.


for they are

the rivers

of wisdom

leading you toward

the sea.


// I have been a thousand different women


As Spring Equinox greets us, I invite you to step into more exploration of who you are at this stage in your life.

Come join me at the Honoring the Mother Retreat in May to dive more deeply into living the wisdom and celebration of your life stage.

Also, consider joining me for one or both of the following opportunities to support you in your current life stage.

The Spring Equinox Retreat - happening online March 23 from 10am-2pm ET. We will connect through Yoga, Ayurveda for Spring, Journaling and a creative arts activity.

The “Elevate and Energize” Spring Detox - a 3 week online program happening online April 1-22. Within the structure of an Ayurvedic Detox, you will design what the detox looks like for you, given your dosha and specific goals.

May you honor all the women you have been, with love and tenderness.

With love and light,


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