A Little Listen for Father's Day

ayurveda gratitude purpose solstice summer yoga Jun 20, 2021

My father, artist and musician Rob Levin, has been a huge influence in my life. From yoga, natural health explorations, music, and art, he has been one of my greatest teachers.

I was recently interviewed on the amazing podcast Fain House Radio about my life from the perspective of being a multi-passionate, creative person. I ended up sharing quite a bit about my father and some of my regrets regarding not learning more musically from him when I was growing up, as well as some valuable lessons that did manage to seep through.

If you are up for an inspiring listen, HERE it is.

And... tomorrow is the Summer Solstice. So let your light shine a little (or a lot) brighter. What is it you feel called to do/be in this next solar year? You are the artist of YOUR life! I am cheering you on!

May you be happy and healthy.

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