Affirmations & Intentions

detox equinox solstice Aug 24, 2023

Thoughts are powerful! Affirmations are a wonderful way to work with the mind to create more happiness and health in our lives.

Have you ever tried consciously replacing a persistent, negative thought with a helpful, positive alternative? It can be challenging at first to make our patterns conscious, but once we recognize an unhelpful thought, we are given a gift of the opportunity to change it.

The things that you think and say have an immense effect on the body because your body registers them as true. 

For instance, if you think, “I cannot trust my body, it is always failing me,” as a rumination throughout the day, your body is going to act in untrustworthy ways since you are constantly affirming that reality as true. However, you could choose to start affirming to yourself, “I trust my body and I appreciate the way it lets me know when I need to make a change or a new decision,” several times a day. Your relationship with your body will begin to shift.

It is important to choose an affirmation that you actually can whole-heartedly feel in alignment with, not something that results in skepticism, frustration, or strengthens the original thought.

In yoga, the patterns of negative thought and behavior are called Samskaras. They are like well-worn ruts in the mind that we easily fall into, if we are not staying conscious of our thoughts. We all have Samskaras. Becoming aware of our more habitual patterns is one of the most healing things we could ever do in our lives.

What are some new thoughts you are ready to welcome into your reality? Here are some examples you are welcome to try out:

  • I honor when I am tired and I rest.
  • I rise and shine with the sun each morning.
  • I listen to my body with love and care.
  • I honor my needs in each decision I make. 
  • Moving my body feels amazing. 
  • Life is a gift and I am present.

Make them an affirmation you repeat often and see what happens. I would love to know what statements have worked for you!

If you are interested in exploring Ayurveda and supporting your health using powerful thoughts along with seasonal foods and daily practices as medicine, I encourage you to check out an upcoming detox. Invest in 3 weeks resetting your digestion, sleep, and perspective. 

You may also want to attend an online Equinox or Solstice retreat that I offer at the turn of each season. This is an amazing experience to do a day of recalibration and connecting. It's powerful, and can be done from the comfort of your own home. 

I am here to support you, be in community with you, and connect with empowering affirmations as we navigate the days and seasons ahead. 

With love and light,



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