Ama Leads To Drama!

detox digestion imbalance pitta summer Aug 21, 2022

Are you feeling gassy, bloated, or acidic?

As we draw toward the end of summer, digestive strength is weaker and you may find that you are experiencing new digestive issues. 

We all know what gassy feels like (hard to suppress the upward or downward flow of air in the system. Bloated is where the stomach swells and the belly becomes distended because of trapped air. Acidic comes from the experience of acid reflux, burning sensation in the belly, or sour smelling breath and/or bowel movements.

Is your body feeling inflamed, puffy, or stiff? Perhaps your joints are painful or creaky. Maybe you cannot believe how puffy your face looks when you wake up each morning. And, perhaps on top of that, there is a tired feeling that just won't go away.

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, chances are it's time to decrease Ama (toxins, which are actually the precursors to disease) in your system, and rekindle your Agni (digestive fire) which, as I mentioned before, is generally quite weak by the end of the summer. 

What creates Ama? 

  • Eating processed foods (specifically those containing processed oils and refined sugars).
  • Eating too frequently
  • Not sleeping enough or at the most beneficial times for your body
  • Eating too much food
  • Eating foods you cannot digest due to weakened Agni

The good news is that you can clear Ama and kindle Agni by doing a Seasonal Detox! It's best to do detoxes in the Spring and the Fall. Lucky for you I have one coming up, September 26-October 17.  

Learn how to self-heal with a seasonal community cleanse, which will empower you to clear allergies, lose weight, sleep better, feel more positive about life, and age more gracefully in addition to having a better experience digesting food every day.

Say "yes!" to feeling better now before the Ama leads to drama and sets up long-term imbalance in your body and wreaks havoc!

This detox is tailored to each person, keeping their goals and constitution in mind. It is focused on nourishing and healing with real food not packaged products you need to spend additional money 0n. Ayurvedic teachings are woven into the weekly modules so you continue to learn valuable tools to support your health through out the year.  In addition to an online course platform, there is live community support with two Zoom calls a week and a private Facebook page to keep participants on track and supported.

Here is what Julie Neu said about her experience doing the Autumn Detox last year:

"I signed up for the Heartfelt Wellbeing Autumn Detox because I was feeling stuck. I was feeling like I needed to slow down and reset and that’s exactly what I got. What I didn’t expect, and what was an amazing surprise, was how great I felt during the detox even after just a few days. I had more energy, I slept better, my mood improved and I felt less stressed. I even lost a few of my COVID pounds, which seems nothing short of miraculous!

I also learned so much about Ayurveda and about myself. The program was comprehensive, well organized and so well supported. Hannah is a kind, encouraging, knowledgeable, engaging, honest and fun teacher and I look forward to working with her more."

Get the drama of Ama out of your life!

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for health and happiness. 

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