Are you attached to your GUNK?

ayurveda spring vata winter Mar 14, 2021

Your cells are talking to you!

Can you hear them? They are letting you know they want to clear out the gunk now that Winter is over.

"Wahoo! Spring cleaning time," they shout!

You may not listen because you have grown attached to your own GUNK! You've become used to feeling sluggish, tired, heavy, and uninspired. This has become your new normal.

Yet, the body loves a good Spring cleaning: The liver luxuriates in clearing out sludge accumulated over the winter. The lungs celebrate the deeper breaths that challenging exercise encourages as the weather warms. The mind feels clear and sharp, full of inspiration. The skin radiates with a glow from vibrant energy cultivated by amazing sleep and superb digestion. Extra weight falls away. Every cell of you is happy! If the above doesn't sound like your current experience, then I suggest you do a detox with me!

You are meant to release the toxins (Ama) that have built up over the winter, and if you don't, you are choosing to carry it around with you, allowing it to compound over time. This leads to dis-ease and specifically the auto-immune disorders that plague our society. Think of different types of Ama as hitch-hikers or stowaways. They are the undigested food and toxins that you either invite into your body or ingest without realizing it. Over time, they invite their friends to join the party, and they accumulate. At some point, you've got to pull over and let them go on their way, or you'll end up with a few unwelcome roommates and an overloaded vehicle...

In the picture of cells above, the blue spots show the Ama clinging onto your cells. When living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, we use food and daily lifestyle practices to create opportunities for these unwelcome hitchhikers to exit our vehicles at two choice times of the year: Spring and Fall.

The detox practice promotes longevity, immunity, and connection with your body vessel. What's more, you don't have to rely on yourself to figure everything out and stay motivated. When you participate in a group detox, the momentum of the group propels each individual through the experience with camaraderie, accountability, and support. WE CAN DO THIS!!

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