Are you willing to feel good?

age gracefully community healing vitality circle Mar 06, 2022

How much of the TIME are you willing to feel good?

This is a question I ask myself a lot these days. With so much suffering in the world (including a war raging in my ancestral homeland), and personal struggles arising for all of us from time to time, it can sometimes seem like feeling good isn't socially acceptable, appropriate, and/or possible.

How much of the time are YOU willing to feel good?

So, what's YOUR answer?
How much of the time are you WILLING to feel good?

Give a percentage…

I recently posed this question in a live call for the Vitality Circle.

I got answers like 80%, 75%, 60% and even 50%. 

And thankfully, a couple said 100%!

How you answer this question points to your core relationships with worthiness and fear. "Willing" is an important word in this question.

Do you feel like you don't deserve good feelings? Has feeling bad become a part of your identity?

Do you feel like you are constantly "waiting for the other shoe to drop" and therefore you don't allow yourself to truly be present in good experiences?

Do you feel if others are struggling, you need to struggle with them? Do you worry that others will judge you as being arrogant, heartless, or rude if you live a more expansive life?

On the other hand, can you trust the joy and goodness of life and receive it graciously when it is present? Can you fully embrace it and not feel guilty, undeserving, or worried?

These are hard questions that might really hit home. I am here to help.

I am sure you've heard the saying, "Where attention goes, energy flows." We each have a choice; will we focus on the struggle (contraction) or will we focus on what's working (expansion)? Life always has plenty of both to offer us. When we celebrate what is good in our lives, we recognize the goodness when it appears.

What gets in your way of allowing yourself to feel good?

In order for us to be helpful to heal the world of pain and suffering, we need to experience what good feels like. From that strength and vision, we will have the opportunity to create a more loving reality.

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