Autumn Sleep Support

autumn sleep vitality circle Oct 30, 2023

How is your sleep lately? Is it as deep and cozy as that of the babies in this picture?

Vata season (Autumn and early Winter) can be a mixed bag when it comes to sleep.

The light and ungrounded qualities of the season (think windy nights and dry, crisp air) can lead to heightened anxiety and trouble staying asleep, especially between 2-6am. Yet, the cold and dark can encourage deeper sleep, cozy snuggles, and a desire for more sleep.

Fortunately, if you are struggling, Ayurvedic wisdom offers some wonderful natural ways to support great sleep.

Sleep hygiene (habits that support your ability to go to fall sleep easily and stay asleep) makes a huge difference in every part of our lives. Expecting that we can push ourselves, going a million miles a minute, and then get in bed and be relaxed is an unrealistic expectation.

Here are a few habits you can try out:

  1.  Notice the light and sound around you. Create an atmosphere of winding down by dimming the lights or lighting a candle and putting on soft music around 9pm. This sends a signal to your body that it isn’t active daytime anymore.
  2.  Get screens out of your bedroom! And even better, turn off all screens an hour or two before going to sleep. Blue light (yes, even kindles) stimulate the brain to stay awake. Put your devices to bed and read a book, do some gentle yoga, and/or write in a journal.
  3.  Keep a consistent bedtime and be asleep by 10pm for the most healing sleep to support you (from 10pm-2am). Our bodies love rhythm and especially during Vata season. The routine of a regular bedtime will be super helpful.

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