Can you actually change your habits?

age gracefully habit evolution self-care weight loss Jan 31, 2023

Want to know how to change your habits? 

Habits are what we repeatedly do, which ultimately create the outcomes in our lives.

Habit triggers are what make our habits actually happen. A list of them can be found above. 

Once you understand how important habit triggers are, you can change them in order to elicit new habits. Start by looking at habits you have dialed in, like brushing your teeth after you wash your face in the morning (time and preceding action triggers). Notice what you already do without having to focus at all. 

Next, look at something you want to change in your habitual behavior. 

For instance, if you always snack while watching TV in the evening after dinner, snacking has a time and a location trigger. Or, if you always drink too much alcohol when you are around a certain friend, that is a person trigger. 

Experiment to set up different habit triggers for yourself in relation to habits you would like to change. Using the examples I just shared, you could set out your walking shoes in the space where you usually watch TV after dinner and instead of watching TV and snacking, go for an evening walk and then take a bath before going to bed. Or you could invite your party friend to meet you for coffee on a weekend morning so that you aren't triggered to drink alcohol while being in their company. You get the idea. 

Each habit we practice is a vote for who we are becoming next. The more we practice a habit, the easier it becomes to keep doing it. You are capable of great change, my friend. The sky is your limit, your potential is infinite. 

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