Community is medicine!

age gracefully community one habit to thrive purpose reflect Oct 16, 2022

Have you ever had the feeling of being totally accepted and celebrated for who you are within a powerful community of like-minded women?
Yes, you! With all your quirks and imperfections!
When we are on an evolutionary growth path, it is crucial to share the journey with others who are seeking in similar ways.
This was a big realization for me when I was in private practice and only saw clients 1:1. I came to see that it is super challenging for most people to create positive change in their lives if they are not connected to others focused on the same goals.
This revelation led me to create the Vitality Circle and subsequently a powerful Facebook group (Heartfelt Yoga and Ayurveda), Evolve, and retreats that give women like you the opportunity to come together and truly be supported, witnessed, held accountable, and share in this journey.
The results I have witnessed and experienced have been nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Community is powerful and this community has a place for you!!
How are you supported by community in your life that helps you be the happiest and healthiest you can be?
If you are curious about the Heartfelt Wellbeing community, please join the FREE Autumn One Habit to Thrive Challenge, November 2-8 where you will get to experience the sisterhood of connection firsthand while learning lots of tools to support yourself. Invite your friends. It's amazing!

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