Declaration of Interdependence

Jul 04, 2021
I wish you a happy 4th of July. May this inspire you...
My Declaration of Interdependence by Deborah Fryer 
I declare myself free from stories that speak of lack in any way about myself or others. 
I am growing.
I am learning.
I am leaning into life. 
I declare myself free from people-pleasing and procrastination. 
I declare myself free from self-animosity and self-sabotage. 
I declare myself free from shame and scarcity thinking and acting. 
I claim my health in mind, body, and spirit. 
I claim my creative freedom in word, thought, and deed. 
I claim my First Amendment right to express my Truth in myriad creative ways. 
I claim this body with its curves and wrinkles. 
I claim my asymmetries and imperfections. 
I choose growth.
I choose learning.
I choose not knowing everything.
I choose not needing to know everything, not having to have all the answers. 
I choose listening. I claim my strengths and my weaknesses. I accept my vulnerability and my courage. 
I rise as the powerful Creator of my reality. 
I see my brilliance and I honor it. 
I receive abundance with ease. 
I receive praise with grace.
I receive challenge with curiosity. 
I receive opportunity with joy.
I receive money with appreciation. 
I choose generosity, love and compassion for my Self and others. 
I declare respect for all who inhabit Earth, the four-legged and the feathered, the finned and the bipedal. 
The gorgeous variation of color, culture, religion, and creative expressions the very fabric of Life itself. 
I recognize we are all part of an interconnected web. 
Each of us uniquely gorgeous and worthy as the next. 
I understand that I am responsible for contributing value and beauty to the whole, and so are you. 
Nothing is wasted.
Everything serves. 
I collaborate.
I co-create.
I cooperate. 
I forgive.
I imagine.
I realize.
I excel.
I serve.
I obey.
I love.
I appreciate.
I value.
I am grateful. 
Happiness is my birthright and it is yours. 
I am prosperous.
I am radiant.
I am creative.
I am enthusiastic.
I am free. 
May we liberate ourselves from the habit of believing, speaking or acting in any way that pinches us off from each other and from life force itself. 
May we trust the Creative Spark glowing within each of us, and may we nourish that spark to grow into the full expression of our passions. 
May you lead with love, generosity and compassion for all, and may you see these values reflected back to you in the eyes of everyone you meet. 
Life is meant to be creative and rewarding.
Self-love is a radical revolutionary act that seeds the future. 
I uphold these truths to be self-evident, that all beings are created equal. 
I uphold the unalienable right for all life on this verdant Earth to freely thrive and be happy. 
This is my Declaration of Interdependence.

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