Do What With Your Tongue?

constipation digestion Feb 06, 2023

Happy February!

As the winter begins to shift from dry to wet weather, (or in Ayurvedic terms, from Vata to Kapha season), it's a great time to clear out the accumulated gunk from the deeper depths of winter.

We will be doing a community Spring Detox soon (mark your calendar for March 20-April 10), but you can start now with a simple habit that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

One fabulous Ayurvedic self-care habit that I encourage everyone to start doing is tongue scraping.

Using a tongue scraper is a great support to the health of your oral biome as well as your digestive tract.

Scraping your tongue first thing in the morning has multiple benefits:

  • Clears the undigested food stuff from your tongue that has released during the night (note: brushing your tongue pushes this gunk back down into the tongue instead of pulling it off).
  • Wakes up the digestive system by sending a signal through the tongue that digestive energy is going to be needed soon.
  • Sends a message down into the digestive tract to release the undigested foodstuff, or toxins, hanging out there (Ama in Sanskrit) that can get flushed out of your system with drinking warm water after tongue scraping.
  • Freshens your breath.

Once you start tongue scraping, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Get one for yourself HERE.

Such a simple and beneficial daily practice deserves to become part of your early morning routine. Let me know how it goes.

With love and light,


PS- It's the February full moon! Harness the soma! Make some ghee, set your intentions for the fullness you are cultivating in your life, and/or moon-bathe!

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