Do you believe more in your future or your past?

habit evolution meditation one habit to thrive reflection self-care sleep weight loss Jan 03, 2021

Have you ever had a big goal that you weren't sure you could reach? Maybe you have one or two such resolutions right now. T'is the season, right?

Habit Science shows us if we imagine reaching an ultimate goal while continually taking small, committed steps each day towards that goal, there is a higher chance of success than trying to change many things all at once. No cold turkey!

Your past self doesn't know what your future self will learn, although it may try to tell you stories like, "remember last time I tried to change ________, it didn't turn out so well." Your past selves generally like to use fear to define limits of your potential.

Your future self is more expansive than your past self could ever imagine. If you want to accomplish something like losing weight, getting off of meds, having a meditation practice, or whatever you dream your higher self can do, you have to start imagining a different reality for yourself before taking action. The new actions should be tiny little steps that become habits. Over time, these habits can change the course of your life in big ways. Your habits are what ultimately define who you are and what you accomplish in your life.

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