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age gracefully healing purpose self-care vitality circle Oct 24, 2021

My mission is to alleviate unnecessary suffering in the world. This is why I have dedicated myself to becoming the best Ayurveda practitioner, Health Coach, and fellow human that I can be. I strive to reach people near and far who are ready to thrive. This is the key to changing our world for the better.

Nearly four years ago I created the Vitality Circle, an online program, guiding women to become the most vibrant version of themselves through Ayurveda, Behavioral Science, and Mindset. When I started the Vitality Circle, I had no idea it would become a life-changing sisterhood of support and healing. What has happened in the past few years has been the most marvelous evolution! I have had the honor of supporting almost 100 women now, and this year-long program just keeps becoming more powerful and transformative. The women in the Circle have been instrumental in bringing their wisdom, vulnerability, and joy to form what we now call "The Vitality Circle Sisterhood.

It's best shared in the words of those who have invested in the experience: "My life has totally transformed into living in my body with ease. I did things for so long that were bad for me. Now I can rely on myself to heal. I feel more peace inside myself everyday. I have healed my digestion, sleep, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance." Shannon M. (California)

"I battled insomnia for years before I began working with Hannah… I no longer have to use sleep meds and I sleep with the best sleep I have ever gotten. My digestive system is finally working. I am not gassy and bloated all of the time. I no longer sit in meetings worried about what my digestive system is going to do or not do. I enjoy beautiful, healthy, yummy food and my body feels great." Julie S. (Georgia)“I cried at the doctor's office today. My cholesterol is down to 207 total. It was 249! And I weighed in at 20 pounds lighter. I am seeing the results of my new lifestyle outside and in! Thank you so much!” Nikki D. (North Carolina)

I could go on and on with sharing the words from members of this transformative community. Here is just one more: The Vitality Circle was the answer to my prayers. Hannah covers every angle of support possible. I used to turn to food when I felt difficult emotions. Now, I am aware of my emotions and I can catch myself and change my actions from a place of empowered self-care. I started the Vitality Circle to get off of medications, but I have gotten so much more out of it. I feel stronger in myself, my body, and in sharing my thoughts. I am healing stories of shame I have carried for decades. Emotional eating feels so trivial now, compared to the giant things I have healed in order to move forward with really living my life." Diane D. (Pennsylvania)

Do you wish you could say similar things about your health? The Vitality Circle awaits you too!  If you have been waiting for the right moment to take care of your health here is your opportunity to:

  • Attend to your deepest well-being!
  • Connect with a community of women going on the same journey!
  • Finally, understand your unique body and mind constitution!
  • Assure graceful aging and VITALITY!

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