Earth Day Honoring

spring vitality circle Apr 25, 2023

Happy belated Earth Day (it was yesterday)!! But every day can be one of celebrating this amazing planet. 

Today, if only for a moment, touch something from the Earth.

Perhaps just the ground itself.

Maybe place your hands on the Earth or take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass. 

Breathe deep. Send gratitude to the solid ground beneath your feet, the plants and trees around you, the cycles and seasons of which you get to be a part, all of which support life, often against tremendous odds.

In Ayurveda, Earth element gives us sustenance, food to build tissue in our bodies, and structure of our physical beings to contain our energy and spirit.

We often take the Earth for granted. Today is a reminder that we can give back through gratitude; through noticing how we are interconnected, through honoring in a way that speaks to you today.

Listen to the Earth around you. What does it have to share?

How did you connect to the Earth yesterday? How will you connect with the Earth today? Let me know. 

With love and light,


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