Earth Wisdom

ayurveda dosha kapha mindset natural flow reflect spring yoga Apr 25, 2021
This past Thursday was Earth Day. Let's honor Earth Wisdom! 
This amazing planet that sustains us, with all of its changing forms and seasons, is truly miraculous. Let's make every day Earth Day!
In Ayurveda, the Earth element (which is predominant in Springtime) teaches us the energy of grounding, softening, releasing, receiving, and being present.
Many of us struggle with these energies amidst our current Fire (ambition and future orientation) and Air (multitasking, scattered energy, and out of rhythm with natural cycles) focused culture. Our ambition and check-lists keep us tethered to our screens, our daily duties, and our drive for productivity.
If you feel like something is off kilter in your life, you may simply need some time to connect with the Earth.  
The Earth element is correlated with our physical body, the Anna Maya Kosha, from which many of us have become disconnected. Often, we function more as walking heads, not beautiful earthy bodies with intimate connection to our incredible, ever-changing terrain. Like the earth, giving all it's resources (often in the name of greed) until it's depleted, our body's depletion frequently goes neglected until we are faced with pain, poor lab results, or even worse. We cannot go on living, divorced from our individual bodies and the connective body of the Earth.
Can you relate?
In Yoga there is a foundational understanding: Root to Rise. This means we cannot truly grow, unless we are rooted and nourished. Only then can we create sustainable life, connections, and livelihoods. How many of us spend our days rushing around, feeling truly ungrounded and disconnected from the abundant support around us? Look at the Earth - how it bursts forth in springtime with food, medicine, and beauty, all of it without our contriving.
We need more Earth energy in this world! (Thank you to all the Kapha predominant folks out there - we need you!)
As Spring comes into bloom, I invite you to connect with the Earth and its healing energy. Focus on downward moving awareness. Let each exhale ground you.
Take off your shoes and stand barefoot on the Earth for a few moments. Take deep breaths, inhaling through the soles of your feet, nourishing your whole body with grounded earth energy. Exhale, releasing tension and sending gratitude back down into the Earth. It will change your state of mind, how you feel in your body, and your overall energy for the better.

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