Epigenetics and Ayurveda

ayurveda imbalance natural flow one habit to thrive seasonal wisdom Oct 30, 2022

Do you worry about dealing with health issues because your parents and/or grandparents have dealt with them? You may have genetic predispositions for a specific ailment, but that doesn't mean it's your fate. 

Welcome to the awesome world of what modern science calls epigenetics, which teaches us that how we live our lives (diet and lifestyle) determines how our DNA is expressed.

Ayurveda teaches the wisdom of Dinacharya (daily rhythms) and Rutacharya (seasonal rhythms) to create vibrant health. When we are living out of rhythm, disease sets up camp in what we call Kavagunas (weak places in the physiology where familial patterns of disease can manifest).

We know that HOW we live impacts what gets expressed from our genes. 

We also know that there are some general principles in aligning with nature, which the past few generations of us Westerners have forgotten, leading our bodies and minds to express various, and often plentiful, disease states. 

When we align with seasonal and daily rhythms a lot can change for the better. Disease patterns no longer need to be expressed. These are simply imbalances that reverse once the alignment is reset with nature. Then, we may experience the miracles of not getting diseases that have perhaps expressed themselves in our parents and grandparents.

Modern epigenetics agrees with Ayurveda that it isn't simply eating "right" and exercising "right," dictated by the current trends, that makes the difference; it's living a life of total alignment with one's true nature or unique constitution within the flow of seasons. It can be simple, but not necessarily easy, to create vibrant and healthy cellular expression. 

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