Equinox Invitations

Sep 26, 2021
Equal hours of light and darkness. We celebrate the balance of the season and ask all the unseen forces to bless us. For all that is bad, there is good. For that which is despair, there is hope. For the moments of pain, there are moments of love. For all that falls, there is the change to rise again. May we find balance in our lives as we find in in our hearts. - Author Unknown 
This past Wednesday was the Autumn Equinox. As we cross the threshold of seasons, the natural world invites us into a new space - the awareness of balance as we move from Summer toward Winter. This balance point offers us a space to recognize the wisdom of all opposites: light and dark, joy and sorrow, frustration and gratitude. In my coaching work we use a tool called "Both And." We can say things like, "I am frustrated it is taking me longer to reach my goal of losing 10 pounds, AND I am so grateful for all the energy I have now and how much better I am sleeping." Both the frustration and the gratitude are equally valid, and they exist at the same time. This is the empowering wisdom of the Equinox. Are you ready to practice? What are the opposing feelings you are currently experiencing? Write a list and honor both feelings as equally valid and true. Watch as your nervous system relaxes. This is one way to feel more balanced. All of you is welcome to show up in living your life! May this Equinox bless you with a harvest from the Summer past, bounty for the Winter ahead, and appreciation for this moment, right here, in between (Autumn).

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