Finding Balance at Equinox

ayurveda gunas imbalance kapha pitta vata Mar 21, 2021

We are shifting into longer days than nights starting NOW! This is a brief time of equal balance of night and day, dark and light. How do you balance these opposites within yourself?

Ayurveda is based on 10 pairs of opposites, called Gunas or qualities, that help us create balance. The awesome thing about opposites is that you cannot have one without the other. Modern physics calls this the Law of Polarity: Everything in the Universe has an Opposite, and they exist at the same time. Ayurveda has been talking about this quantum-level balance for over 5000 years!

Hot cannot exist without cold. Wet cannot exist without dry. And...Dark cannot exist without light. It is only in knowing both pairs of opposites that we can truly understand the world around us, and within us.

Through the Winter, we have hopefully gotten more rest, tuned into our intuition and deeper wisdom, and planted seeds of intention for the solar year to come. Now, as the days grow longer, we feel the pull to bring our energy and intentions into more external expression.

It's a relief for many that the light is returning, but don't surrender your connection to the dark too quickly. Pause at this moment of balance. Drink it in. Let it nourish you for the longer days ahead.

Right Here by Dane Anthony 
Stop moving.
Stand in one place – this place.
Breathe slowly; in, then out.
Repeat. Repeat again.
Let your shoulders sink and relax.
Unclench your jaw; slowly close your eyes.
Listen for your heartbeat; really listen.
Feel it pulse in your fingertips.
Lessen expectations.
Under-do all your efforts.
Requisition the time for your soul to catch up. Lean into the wind; feel it like a tree and test the ground.
Learn to trust the resilience.
It would be treason to move quickly – left or right – from this place.
It is alright to be exactly what you are, who you are, where you are.
Right here, right now.

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