Give Your Light a Springtime Shine!

kapha spring Mar 27, 2023

Try saying this to yourself out loud as an affirmation/intention:

“Fire transform me,

Lead me to my passions,

Fire transform me,

Lead me to my passions,

I choose life, yes!

I choose courage,

To dance among the flames.”

Doesn't that feel amazing?

This is a song we sometimes sing at the retreats I lead. It is a powerful reminder of the energy of fire.

In Springtime, connecting with fire element (passions, goals, desires, ambition) can be really beneficial amidst the grounding forces of the spring elements, earth and water.

Especially if you are struggling with anxiety or depression, bringing fire energy into your day can be amazing medicine.

Here are some simple things you could try:

  •  Watch the sunrise
  •  Stare at a candle flame as meditation
  •  Have a campfire and watch the flames dance
  •  Watch the sunset

If you notice that your fire of inspiration, passion, or hope doesn't feel so bright these days, You have the power to reignite your spark.

Notice how some things in your life make you feel excited and more energized, and others make you feel depleted. How can you cultivate more of the enlivening energy? 

You have a light to shine! Give it some energy today!

I am cheering you on!

With love and light,


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