Gunas to the RESCUE!!

ayurveda healing imbalance kapha seasonal wisdom self-care spring Mar 13, 2022

Gunas to the rescue!

Say what????

Many people struggle with this sudden change in the time; it's like waking up in a new time zone.

To help, let's turn to a little wisdom from Ayurveda: The GUNAS

Guna translates as a quality. Ayurveda has 20 Gunas, or 10 pairs of opposite qualities. They provide us with the wisdom to balance our imbalances so we can easily be happier and healthier. This is the basis of how Ayurveda works. The Gunas give us self-healing tools!

Each season has predominant Gunas that align with the predominant Dosha of that season. Springtime is Kapha predominant (earth and water elements) and the Gunas that affect us all are: Cold, Wet, Heavy, Oily, Slow, Static, Gross (as opposed to subtle, not disgusting), Cloudy, and Dense. Check out the graphic below; the Gunas in yellow are predominant in Spring.

If you can identify a Guna that describes how you are feeling, you can seek out remedies that cultivate the opposite to balance it out. There can be many remedies for the same issue.

For instance, if you are feeling COLD, you can seek out things to make you warmer. It's all about balance. Get creative!

Some examples might be:

  • take a hot shower
  • eat spicy food
  • get some cardio exercise
  • put on more clothes
  • drink hot ginger tea
  • do warming breathwork

As you adjust to the time change, I invite you to play around with the Gunas. How are you feeling "off", and where can you balance with the wisdom of opposites?

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