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ayurveda detox mindset natural flow sleep Sep 12, 2021
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller
I used to think that I had to do everything myself. I used to think I had to prove how capable and strong I was by being extraordinarily independent and driven. If I wanted to create change, I had to rely on my own willpower. I did want anyone to see my struggles or challenges.  
By the time I finally joined a group coaching program, I knew I didn't want to live in the lonely isolation of proving my independence anymore. I was finally ready to connect; to be part of something bigger than myself. That's when things really took off for me and my whole life changed. My health improved, my outlook became more positive, and my relationships deepened. I even started liking myself more.  Groups are powerful. Their momentum moves everyone forward faster than any one person could move on their own. Connections are built and change becomes enjoyable instead of burdensome.  Making changes in your health can seem overwhelming. An Autumn Detox will help you: 
  • Improve digestion (eliminate gas, bloating, acid reflux, etc)
  • Clear excess heat from the Summer (physical & emotional)
  • Learn to live in alignment with the seasons
  • Understand your unique constitution
  • Optimize Metabolism (weight loss, if needed)
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Increase Energy
  • Sleep Better
  • Wake Up Happy!
A detox is a defined time to create clarity and promote healthy functioning in the body and mind. According to the 5000 year-old wisdom of Ayurveda, Autumn is the perfect time to detox the body, as the solar energy fades and root vegetables, nuts, and grains become abundant in the natural world.  When we detox and reset in the Autumn, we clear out the heat from the Summer and prepare the digestive fire to burn brighter. This allows our bodies to assimilate the more dense foods of Winter.  Additionally, we need to ground our energy after the fast go-go-go energy of summer. We'll nourish ourselves further by attending to our living spaces, preparing for the cooler weather and more time indoors. Honor your unique constitution and goals by deepening your self-knowledge through Ayurveda this Autumn. "I could not believe the amount of energy that I had during the detox. I learned how certain foods that I have eaten my whole life didn’t really agree with me.The detox was such an Amazing and enlightening experience." Diane DeLorenzo

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